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What is Talya water and how does it work?

Talya water is a new product on the market that will enable your body to perform on a higher level and function in a more perfect way. Unlike many other products, Talya water simply serves as a better tool, a more easily used water. The result is a human body with less toxins and better nutrition. This aids your body in its daily journey through life.

Talya water more thoroughly hydrates the body.

Talya water does not fix anything. Your body heals itself when allowed through the presence of the right supplies.
Talya - people ask "where did that name come from?"
Talya is the Hebrew word for "Dew from Heaven"
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Talya Water is NOW available at:

Bird-in-Hand, PA
     Miller's Health Foods
     2888 Miller Lane

Intercourse, PA
     Julia's Health Foods
     3611 Old Philadelphia Pike

Leola, PA
     Green Acres
     2469 New Holland Pike